Saturday, August 7, 2010

June 13, 2010 Genesis 2 Adam and Eve

This morning we are taking on one of the great stories of all time.  Adam and Eve are the first people created in this great story.  Placed in an ideal situation, they find themselves with one prohibition that they cannot resist.  Any idiot who has read or heard any kid’s story from the beginning of time knows what is going to happen when there is only one thing not to do.  There is no suspense and no drama.  The story is as old as time.  But the two punishments (hard work and bearing children) are  two of the very things we value most in life.  What is this story really all about?

The story is about how God is in relationship to us in the midst of crucial times in our live, this time when we have our first sexual experience.  No going back and life moves from childhood to adulthood in a big hurry.  So, in that sense, what does the story say is God’s covenant when life gets complicated and we have to face our own decisions?  

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