Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Well, we got through Holy Week.

So many people helped this week go so well.

We started of with the Adult Sunday School taking parts in the Palm/Passion Sunday drama from Luke.  We read most of the end of the gospel while Melanie and Rebecca stripped the church bare of all adornments and draped the cross at the end.

Wednesday a few of us gathered in the chancel of the church to remember Maundy Thursday, the remembrance of the last supper.  Bread and juice and grapes and conversation and story in an odd setting for most of us.

Friday, the Eel River Ministerial Association (we decided to stop calling it CLEMP because that name sort of precludes others from joining in) hosted a non-traditional Good Friday service.  Instead of remember Jesus death, we used the time to guide the community through a time of remembrance for people who are suffering.  We had readings for hunger, homelessness, victims of racism and family abuse, drug addiction and joblessness.

And finally today we had Easter to a full house.  Uri Schulevitz's wonderful book, The Treasure, helped both the children and adults discover the treasure that Jesus starts appearing in us and the whole world comes alive in God's presence.  What a delight to have the children on the floor during worship drawing where they find treasures in their lives.  Sherri making the already fun choir anthems come to a new life.  Three younger members and three older member reading scriptures of praise back and fort after Melanie read the Easter story.  Velma leading singing and Pam keeping us moving along with her great piano playing.  I think we would all like to be a kid sitting on Faye's knee as she reads stories.  And a host of others welcoming, feeding and flowering the congregation.  A great day.