Friday, October 15, 2010

Will and lots of Legal Stuff

It was great to have Dan Cooper, attorney in Eureka (and also part of the church family going back generations) came and joined with us on Wednesday at 4:00 to talk about wills and such.

We started out with scary stuff -- there are lots of scams out there.  He shared a video helping us understand how to protect ourselves.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Get advice from someone you seek out that has an independent perspective.  (not from someone who has something to sell they get commissions on).
  • Be careful if you go in for one thing and end up doing lot of other stuff.
  • Get all details in writing and check them out.  Make sure you understand everything.  Get independent review (not Better Business Bureau because the scammers move and change so fast there usually isn't time for them to build up a bad reputation.)
  • Beware of unsolicited help.
  • No surprises and don't get pushed to go too fast (in our house we call it "slammed" with teenagers who have to have a decision right now!)
  • Be realistic -- if it looks too good to be true . . . 
Dan gave a number to get information or report scams.  1-888-460-Seniors.

He shared a bit about the church endowment with the Humboldt Area Foundation.  

Dan gave lots more advice.  We have his card and a packet of other information in the office if you want to see more.  There are also a few brochures you can request detailed in the last page of the packet.  

Thank you Dan for coming to talk with us.

And everyone remember to put the church in your will.  

10/10/10 at 10:10 Saint Francis in the House

We had a great time Sunday clowning around.  This year tug-a-war and mirroring one another.  The clown teaches us about imitation.  Everyone in the church had a partner and hands up mirroring one another.  First one in charge, next the other, and then trading off.  Many of us had the sense after a while that it was difficult to tell who was leading whom when we got in synch.  It is like this following God as we get better and better at imitating Christ.

The furry critters were fun all over the front of the church this year.

Friday, October 1, 2010

September 12 Rally Day and a New Tutoring Program

Twelve children in two classes and another 13 adults kicked off our education program for the year.  We redid the Sunday School classrooms, the education gifts for the kick off shower piled up in the back.  Seven teachers have volunteers for two teams for two classes for the kids.  And the adult have started the first chapters of reflections on "The Shack".

The wonderful surprise in the last weeks has been the 22 people from the church who have signed up to be tutors in the Fortuna Schools.  The Turn-Around Steering team saw that one of the best ways for us to impact the vitality of Fortuna was to use our experience to mentor and so one third of the congregation has volunteered to help in the schools from tutoring math to sorting papers.