Saturday, August 7, 2010

July 11, 2010 Luke 19 Zacchaeus

Actually, today we didn’t do Zacchaeus at all.  My kidney stone kept me from participating in the service and Gerhardt Drumm  was able to step in suddenly and preach.  I heard great things about this sermon, but it was hard not to preach.  (I expected to be doing great two days after having my kidney’s lasered, which turned out to be a long way from the truth.)  Anyway thanks to Gerhardt.

Little big theme again.  This is a short story so easy to get the whole thing.  Zacchaeus has been robbing the people of Israel for a long time, getting rich off injustice and betrayal.  But it is to him that Jesus comes and in his transformation is a transformation of the whole town.

This story is about changing our lives when we don’t like what we have become and is probably a great story for anyone who is carrying around some choice they have made that we aren’t too proud of.  

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