Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 8 Vacation Bible School Sunday

Vacation Bible School week, culminating in Vacation Bible School Sunday.  I am sure glad that the kidney stone is gone because a lot of jumping was involved.  So much fun.  We had great kids, no serious problems, tons of help, food pictures, aforementioned jumping and dancing, and best of all time to talk with these wonderful children. 

We built the worship service in traditional United Methodist form, but music all came from Galaxy Blast, and the experiences of the different parts of worship were all the way we did things in Galaxy Blast.  The real winner of the day was when the kids took their two paper cups with about 18 inches of string between them and a spoon tied to the middle, and got the adults to hold the cups over their ears and bang the spoon on something.  At first most everyone was thinking it was a joke, but when the first adult sprang up from their seat saying, “church bells”, then more and more tried this exciting little trick

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