Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Israelites get to the land of promise, find giants and won't go.

It is time to go, time to commit, time to move into the future that we can't even imagine.  Time to jump.

Yes, that was Madonna up on the screen.  I have heard more about this sermon than almost any other.  Here is the link to the YouTube video Jump by Madonna I think this is not computer assisted, I think they are amazing jumpers.  It is one of my favorite music videos, great music and it helps me want to leap into life. 

That is the Israelites choice because they can't go back to Egypt -- the old traditions that enslave them are now behind and gone.  Ahead is the unknown.  Since they can't move ahead, God creates a generation of those just holding onto the faith, dwindling and dying out, till a new generation can take the jump.  Wow, that sounds a lot like nearly the whole United Methodist Church in the last fifty years.  This is a hard scripture! 

Remember, next Monday (the 26th) Judith Pruess-Mellow is going to be here consulting with us about how we facilitate our ministry to seniors in our church and out city.  What questions would you like to ask an expert in Senior Spirituality??

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