Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Communing with Lutherans

Packed house at Christ Lutheran this week.  We celebrated (and celebrated and celebrated and celebrated -- I know we ran late) communion in a joint service.  What a pleasure to all be together.  Jim Goldsmith and I interwove stories of Martin Luther and John Wesley.  Bell Choir and Methodist Choir and grape juice and wine and the too-many-people-up-front waltz for communion.  I only completely lost my place once, but found that Jim and I cover for each other pretty well.  I will look forward to working with that community again.

On world communion it is a good thing to do something that makes it seem like the Christian church is actually one.  There have been enough stories this week about how we fight with one another.  I keep thinking that the way God is going to destroy the world at Armageddon is going to be to lock all the different Christian churches into a room together and stand back.  Who needs four horses of the apocalypse?  It hurts my heart.

This week I am juggling a house without Harriet with getting ready for my favorite Sunday of the year.  Saint Francis in a brand new place.  I don't think anyone knows what they are getting into yet -- and of course, neither do I.

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