Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Clown of God

Foolishness and play, juggling and teddy bears, preaching from the floor and singing "Rise and Shine".  Through it all children laughing and the kind is simplicity that would make my teacher glad.  I had a good time on Saint Francis Sunday.  And it is so important to me.  I like complexity and deep talks, I like electronic gadgets and a lot of the trapping that require a bunch of money.  Saint Francis talks to me again and again about letting go of most of the stuff that makes this culture in this time go.  Eat whatever you have, share, play and get close to nature that God created. 

This year I used the image of balancing to talk about the truths that Saint Francis saw in his society. Do you know why a stick stood on end will now stay up?  A six foot pole falls over even if very carefully balanced, but a bottle of water (roughly the same shape) stays up.  Maybe we didn't have any engineers in the crowd on Sunday.  We talked about "center of gravity"  It takes a lot of enegy and stability to keep a hierarchy going.  Things come stable when the pole is turned sideways and lays on the floor. 
We went into the yard at the end of the service to bless about ten or twelve new members of the church all with fuzzy noses who also have trouble sitting still through a sermon.  The alpaca couldn't make it.  Thank you to the four young folks who cared for the animals while we were in the church. 

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