Sunday, September 20, 2009

Teaching Talmud to Church

Everyone stomping and shaking the church in the story time being the Holy Mountain. The Ten Commandments to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas with hand motions by the Choir. And reflections on the process of dialogue that is our Bible -- it doesn't take very long before the Ten Commandments get very complicated in everyday life.

Today God sent us several people needing help, a few who probably didn't need the kind of help they were asking for.

Upstairs, the Scotia Band cleaning up and prepping the upstairs room for their stuff, and downstairs a memorial service.

The Church Council met briefly after the service to get a task force started on Church Development that will follow up on the plan we set for ourselves last week. A whole table at fellowship time was folks who are newly coming to church and perhaps ten out of the sixty or seventy people at worship were exploring the church.

We see in each week all the elements that make a church vibrant -- worship, exploration, questions and imagination, people in need asking, people grieving being surrounded and comforted, church space used in new ways, puzzles to solve and new possibilities to see all the ways God is at work, private conversations, healing touch, and audio-visual equipment sort of working. God grant us the fullness of a church in motion as we are marching to Zion.

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