Friday, September 18, 2009

A Plan

Wow, this weeks has sped by. Sunday was a big day for me: worship, then the plan, then a meeting for Stephen's ministers, then the rain and a nap. We did worship on asking the question: what do we need? I find this a particularly difficult spiritual issue because I understand that we are to ask God for what we need. However, there are a lot of people that don't get even basic needs. However, asking the question of what we really need is essential in good discernment of our paths and is woven all over the Moses story and the Exodus, not just the stories of manna and the story of water in the desert that we did on Sunday.

After the worship, a great potluck -- I got exactly two bites of food. And then we talked about the new development plan. If you didn't get the summary, we posted it on the website (follow the link for "development". (By the way the last newsletter is up there also.) None of the proposals are too earthshattering or make too many changes to what is going on and it seemed like most everyone is either excited about the plan or at least ready for it. So we started initiating things. After the meeting, the Stephen's ministers gathered are are getting ready to teach a small group on dealing with grief and loss.
If you have any comments, you can leave them here. How do you think the meeting went? Chuck already got to work on this and put things into an action plan which is attached to the Plan on the website. Check it out.

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